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the Republic of Kazakhstan, Atyrau city   5 Alipova Str.
Tel: +7(3122)355705
Fax: +7(3122)355702


 Geological exploration
Contract for hydrocarbon raw materials prospecting within following blocs: I-15 (patially), 16 (partially), XXX-16(partially) in the Mangystau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Contract is registered on the 11th of July, 2006 in Ministry of energy and fuel resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the number 2100. Validity of the contract is 6 years taking into account possible two times prolongation for the period of two years and one time prolongation for the period, which would be enough for estimation of the Commercial detection with an aim of its transfer into the category of Oil Field.

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Almas International Trading Co. JSC exports oil and mineral oil both to domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to foreign countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Our company exports Makatskiy blended crudes (oil mixture) (sulfur content up to 0,35%). The main consumer of the blended crude is Oil Refinery in Poland. The oil is extracted by our subsidiary- Atyraumunay LLP. The main export oil products of our company are low-sulphur mazut (S<0.7%) and diesel oil (gasoil 0.2) produced at the Atyrau Oil Refinery. As a shareholder and supplier of Atyrau Oil Refinery, our company makes a significant effort to expand the geography of export deliveries. Besides, depending on the market situation, our company exports oil products produced at the Chimkent and Pavlodar Oil Refineries from export terminal in Uralsk city in direction to Europe.
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 Oil refining
Oil refining on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan In 2006, 66 744,906 tons of oil were refined on plants of LLP Atyrau Oil Refinery, in 2005, the amount of refined oil equaled 40 000, 0. In percentage, growth of refining constituted 67%.
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Geological allotment map for the right of subsoil use.

The scheme of Kurmangazy oil-refining factory.

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